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C. SELEKSII EXAM TIME : 1 . Written test held on :

C. SELEKSII EXAM TIME :1 . Written test held on :SundayOn 3 November 2013The place and time will be notified in writing by post along with SignsExam participants and or can be accessed at the website addresswww.malangkota.go.iddanbkd.malangkota.go.id after theregistration is complete
2 . Completeness of a. Sign examinees ;b . 2B pencil original ;c . sharpener ;d . Rubber Eraser ;e . Alas for writing .
O. EXAM MATERIALS :1 . Oasar Competency Tests ( TKO )Insights Nationality , General Intelligence , Personal Characteristics ;2 . Competency Test Field ( TKB )Applicants who passed the competency test Oasar ( TKO ) will be selectedback to Sector Competency Test in accordance with their respective competencesproposed position ( awaiting the provisions of the Ministry of PAN and RB ) .

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