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Special Requirements Applicants

B. Special Requirements Applicants1 . Derived from college courses with accreditationminimum B from :a. National Accreditation Board for Higher Education ( BAN PT ) orMoH Health PPSDM for educationhealth ( except Physicians / Physician Specialist / DentistSpecialist ) .b . BAN PT for non- medical education .2 . For applicants who apply to fill the post of Pharmacistmust have a Certificate of Registration Pharmacists ( STRA ) .3 . For applicants who apply to fill positionsDoctors / Specialists / Physicians Clinical educators must haveCertificate of Registration ( STR ) .4 . For Doctors / Dentists / Specialists / Specialist Dentist :a. Post Employee Variable ( PTT ) Centre must attachCompleted Certificate of Assignment or Period End Bakti( SMB ) .
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